Painted plasterboard


We have a 5 year old house built by Bellway Homes in Andover. The internal plasterboard walls have been painted directly with trade matt emulsion. The walls are in good condition with only a few minor blemishes.

Our decorator is insisting on sanding down all the walls filling the house with copious amounts of fine powdery dust. When he started to paint the walls with a good quality scrubbable matt emulsion a number of patches appeared where the paint formed bubbles and lifted off the surface. He scraped these out, filled with plaster and repainted.

Is it necessary to prepare the walls in such an extreme way and could this have caused the problem with the paint lifting? Is there a simpler cleaner way of preparing the surfaces?



It’s possible the original paint has not properly adhered to the plasterboard and the pressure of additional paint is causing this failure.

The trend for builders to dry-line internal walls rather than traditional plastering them has resulted in many similar problems because the painting is often rushed and the boards are not properly sealed before hand.

I sympathise with your current issue but there isn’t a simple solution.

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