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Why the Hate for Farrow & Ball?

Farrow & Ball paints are popular with those who prefer quality of finish over price but it’s also a brand which evokes a negative response from many. Here I look at some of the common criticisms…

Painter & Decorator stood next to a white van

How Much Should a Decorator Charge?

Rates quoted by decorators can vary from £125 to £350 a day, so how do you know you’re paying a fair price and why are there such big differences?

Zinsser cover-up paint

Specialist Paint Solutions

Sometimes only a specialist paint solution will do, here are a few queries about what kind of paint to use…

Preparing a chair for painting

Painting Furniture

Advice about restoring & upcycling furniture, what kind of paints to use and some common problems…

White painted interior walls and ceiling

Interior Walls & Ceilings

Advice on what kind of finish to go for when painting interior walls & ceilings and some common issues…

House with painted exterior walls

Andura wall coating

Andura coatings are marketed as a superior solution to traditional exterior paint products but this doesn’t mean there are not problems…

A window with old flaking paint

Peeling & Flaking Paint

Advice on what to do about peeling and flaking paintwork on woodwork and wall/ceiling surfaces…

Pliolite masonry paints

Pliolite Masonry Paint Confusion

Pisolite masonry paints are formulated to dry quickly in damp climates or when rainfall may be imminent, they are not a superior alternative to regular water-based paints…

Water stain on a white-painted wall

Paint Stains

Paint stains can be frustrating to deal with if you don’t understand the cause. Here are a few problems that people have encountered…

Tin of green paint

Paint Fumes

People naturally worry about the effects on health when using paint in the home. Here are a few questions on the subject…