Andura wall coating

Andura coatings are marketed as a superior solution to traditional exterior paint products but this doesn’t mean there are not problems…here are a few queries received…

Cracking Andura paint coating?

We have a previously coated “Andura” which is cracking and attracts dirt with it’s stippled surface. What are the best options?

Many thanks, Paul


Hairline cracks in the surface are particularly problematic as they allow moisture to penetrate and become trapped. Minor cracks can be filled with an epoxy based repair cement and over-painted but if there are a lot of them it may be necessary to remove the coating completely.

All textured surfaces will attract dirt, to an extent, and although there are clear coatings on the market which claim to prevent this they are not very effective. Repainting on a regular basis may be the only solution?

Removal and recoating is likely to be the only answer in this case but you should contact Andura in any case to see what they have to say on the matter?

Bubbling & Peeling Andura

I have andura covering in polar white on the outside of my house, it has started to bubble and peel in a few places, it looks unsightly and I’m intending to sell the house, I was led to believe that the covering would last a longer time than five years, please advise on remedial action as cheap as possible?



The cheapest action you can take is to scrape off any loose/bubbling paint and make good with a masonry paint which is the same colour. If you apply enough coats (to the affected areas only) it shouldn’t be too visible.

Hairline cracks in the wall

Hi, I have a 1939 built detached house with a small cavity between the walls. The complete house had the old render and pebble dash removed six years ago and was subsequently re rendered and finished with a Tyrolean coating made by Weber.

I now find that when it rains against the north facing wall, the wall becomes like a spiders web which I imagine are hairline cracks in the render letting in water? Also, there are now bigger cracks around the window stress points.

I need to repair all the above and wondered about a paint finish such as Andura? However, reading your column, would I be better of making good the problem areas and using a water based paint?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s worth noting that I live in an area where the weather is severe at times!



If the existing coating is cracking as you describe you’ll need to address this before doing anything else. Making good may be possible but if the problem is severe you may need to remove the render entirely and start again?

If a repair is practical then painting with a standard water based paint is indeed the best option.

Lifting paint?

I have a house covered by Climatised coatings. I believe Andura paint? It is lifting and cracking after four years.The company are not honouring the guarantee.

Will I be able to paint over this coating?



Any paint coating is only as good as the surface it is applied to. So it’s likely you’ll have to completely remove the existing coating; painting over it will be throwing good money after bad.

Repainting painted render

We have existing painted render which is in pretty good condition, a couple of small cracks near the windows, We would like to recoat/repaint the render to freshen it up and change the colour.

Some trades have said use a system like K-Rend or Parex, others have said as the render is in good condition use Andura wall paint, what would you advise?



I would repair the cracks and repaint with regular masonry paint. Enough said!

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