F&B Wall & Ceiling Primer

Farrow & Ball Wall & Ceiling Primer

A water-based undercoat/primer designed for use with Farrow & Ball Estate & Modern Emulsion to obtain the full depth of colour and unique finish intended…

Peel Stop Primer

Zinsser Peel Stop

A clear, water-based penetrating sealer for surfaces where the existing paint coating is peeling or flaking…

Crown, Leyaland & Dulux Trade Matt

Contract Matt

Often referred to as Trade Matt, a water-based emulsion developed for painting new plaster and plasterboard surfaces…

Rocktop Clearcoat Sealer

Smith & Rodger Rocktop

A water-based, protective clear coat formulated to protect surfaces from scuffing & staining…

Scuff X

Scuff-Resistant Finishes

Scuff-resistant coatings are ideal for use on walls and woodwork in high traffic areas but they can be pricey…

Eathborn Clay Paint

Earthborn Clay Paint

A low odour, zero VOC matt finish made from natural materials, not just good for the environment but also good for your health…

Wallpaper Cover-Up Paint

Zinsser Wallpaper Cover Up

An all-in-one primer, sealer & stain-block formulated as a base coat which enables you to paint over existing wallpaper…

Zinsser Stain Blocking Primers

Which Zinsser Stain Blocker?

Zinsser have become synonymous with stain-blocking but their range of specialist primers can be a little confusing – so which one do you choose?

Mix-in bonding primer

Owatrol E-B Emulsa-Bond

A paint additive to promote bonding to loose and friable surfaces such as exterior cement render, crumbling brickwork and internal plastered walls…