Zinsser Peel Stop

A clear, water-based penetrating sealer for surfaces where the existing paint coating is peeling or flaking…

For problem areas there are a range of sealing primers already available but what makes Peel Stop unique is that it will help stick-down edges of peeling paint.

This can a be a useful feature because, as anyone who’s tried to completely remove a defective paint covering can confirm, there are always patches that remain stubbornly stuck.

The advice for removing paint is always to scrape back to a firm edge but there are sometimes borderline cases where Peel Stop can prove useful. Firm edges are not always 100% firm but still not loose enough to be easily removed.

Peel Stop can also act as bridging primer on top of crazed finishes, providing a sound surface for further coats of pint.

Further, being a water-based and breathable sealer, Peel Stop is ideal for interior or exterior surfaces prone to moisture penetration, ensuring that water vapour does not become trapped and causing further peeling, bubbling or flaking.

Zinsser Peel Stop is available online from…
Dulux Decorator Centre

How to Apply Peel Stop

  • Peel Stop is a thin, transparent coating that can be applied with a brush or roller.
  • Ensure that floors and surrounding areas are protected because you will get a lot of splashes no matter how careful you are.
  • Only apply to affected areas where there is loose material, chalkiness, raised edges or crazing. Surfaces which are otherwise sound can be painted as normal.
  • Where you have peeling paint it’s advisable to use a brush as you’ll be able to force the sealer under the edges, ensuring the adhesive qualities of this primer can do what they were formulated to do.
  • When dry, Peel Stop should have a slight surface sheen, any areas that dry flat will need another coat.
  • After use you can clean brushes and rollers with soapy water.

VOC content for Zinsser Peel Stop is 30 grams per litre which is the maximum regulated amount for this classification of product

Limitations of Peel Stop

Although marketed as a problem-solving primer, Peel Stop is not a miracle product that eliminates the need for proper preparation. In all cases, any loose or flaking paint that can be practically removed should be. Surfaces also need to be cleaned and rubbed-down as normal in order to provide a key for subsequent coats.

Peel Stop is a versatile primer/sealer for dealing with imperfect surfaces and has proven effective in use by the trade for over 10 years. It should not be used as a cure-all product though and only as a spot-primer when all alternative options have been ruled out.

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