Woodgrain effect on a painted door?


Hi please can you tell me how to change a painted white door to look like wood. I can find info but it’s all American and I need uk info?



Wood graining is a traditional technique used to make a painted surface look like real wood. The principle is fairly simple, first apply an eggshell base coat (usually light brown or terracotta) and then a ‘scumble’ coat which is a bit like a woodstain.

To get a decent result does require a lot of skill and practice though. The videos below will give you an idea:

You can buy all the materials you’ll need from a local or online decorator’s merchant. There are also kits available from DIY stores such as Ronseal Paint & Grain

I would suggest that you do a few practice attempts first on a scrap piece of plywood though because it’s a lot harder than it looks.

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