Tikkurila Anti Reflex – Flat Matt

A white matt finish that dries totally flat with no visible roller marks or imperfections, ideal for uneven surfaces…

If you’ve ever painted a large wall or ceiling with a standard vinyl matt finish you’ll be all to familiar with the problem of reflection where every minor imperfection stands out like a sore thumb.

Another issue is, what painters call flashing, uneven patches visible where you get a double thickness of paint when applying paint with a roller. This effect is particularly acute on large areas where there is a lot of natural light and is caused by the binders in the paint drying at differential rates.

The binders used (a necessary component of every paint, basically what holds it all together) are usually acrylic or vinyl-based and have a degree of inherent sheen or reflection. To mitigate this effect requires the use of expensive alternatives which would be reflected (no pun intended) in the final cost to the consumer.

Some brands of flat emulsion get around this by reducing the level of binders in the paint but this also reduces the durability of the finished surface. The most obvious disadvantage being that when you wipe the surface with a cloth some of the paint comes off with it.

Anti-reflex paints eliminate this problem with a special formula that reduces the sheen of the finish to below 2%, which is barely recognisable to the naked eye. The result is a solid, matt surface that appears totally flat and is almost as durable as vinyl-based alternatives.

Benefits of Anti Reflex Flat Matt

  • A uniform flat matt finish, regardless of the light angle
  • Hides minor imperfections on plastered walls and ceilings
  • Easy to apply with no visible streaks or lines on the surface
  • Can be invisibly touched-up at a later date

These benefits do, of course, come at a cost, this is a premium finish paint and is, therefore, expensive when compared to regular vinyl matt emulsions but the end result is far, far superior and is often worth the extra cost.

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