Smith & Rodger Rocktop

Rocktop is a water-based, protective clear coat formulated to protect surfaces from scuffing, staining and everyday wear & tear. It can be used safely on a variety of finishes and works out considerably cheaper than using other kinds of anti-scuff coatings such as Scuff-X

Traditionally, decorators would use a clear oil-based varnish as added protection for areas such as wallpapered walls and painted woodwork in heavy traffic areas like hallways and staircases. The only problem being that resins within the varnish would yellow with age and make the protected surface look old and shabby.

The advent of water-based lacquers and varnishes solved this problem but as new products came onto the market, such as vinyl-based emulsions, vinyl wallpapers and ant-scuff paints, then the need for this kind of protection waned.

However, there are still times when the use of a simple and versatile clear coating can be beneficial, especially when the only alternative would be to use expensive specialist coatings.

Rocktop is available from…
Dulux Decorator Centre
Smith & Rodger

Where would you use Rocktop?

Rocktop is ideal for use where you want to add protection to an already finished surface such as painted woodwork, painted walls and wallpaper. It can also be used as a clear sealer on stone, brickwork and wooden floors.

Rocktop is available with a matt, satin or gloss finish so can also be used where you want to tone down or enhance an existing finish. As a water-based finish Rocktop will not yellow with age and will retain its sheen level.

Alternative Products

Rocktop is by no means unique as a multi-surface sealer and alternative brands such as Polyvine & Bedec also offer such a solution, both available with different levels of sheen to suit various scenarios. Available from Amazon and Dulux Decorator Centre…

Decorator's Varnish
Polyvine Decorators Varnish
Multi-surface varnish
Bedec Multi Surface Varnish

Directions for use

Rocktop is a thin coating and needs a few coats to work as intended. You can apply by brush or roller and leave about 90 minutes to 2 hours between coats. It dries fairly quickly but will take around 5 days to fully harden. You should, therefore, avoid touching treated areas whilst this hardening process takes effect.

Only apply these kind of sealers over painted surfaces that have already hardened (a week or so after application) and always try a small test area first in case of adverse reactions. Rocktop is a water-based product so is unlikely to cause any issues – but it is always wise to play safe.

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