Earthborn Clay Paint

A low odour, zero VOC matt finish made from natural materials, not just good for the environment but also mitigates the effects of moisture in the home, with added health benefits too…

Although modern paints are mostly made from four basic ingredients: pigments, binders, solvents and driers they can also contain additional chemicals including defoamers, stabilisers and preservatives that can give-off noxious gases and unpleasant odours.

There is an alternative though…natural paints such as Earthborn Claypaint are made with natural occurring materials that have no adverse health effects, are kinder to the environment and, because they are naturally breathable (micro-porous), ideal for use on walls and ceilings where penetrating damp and/or condensation may be a problem.

Available 72 different shades, Eartborn Claypaint is pleasant to use and the dries to a luxurious ultra-matt finish. The nature of the composition also results in great coverage so you often only need one coat.

Main Benefits of Claypaint

  • Contains no oils, acrylics or vinyls
  • Virtually odour-free
  • Virtually Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • A high solid content with outstanding coverage – often in one coat
  • Breathable (micro-porous) finish allows moisture to escape from the walls thus reducing condensation and mould/mildew growth
  • High clay content absorbs everyday odours and emits negative ions, which are claimed to have positive health benefits
  • Certified ‘Child-Safe‘ so ideal for nurseries and children’s bedrooms
  • Cleaner air benefits those who sufferer from allergies and asthma

Eathborn Claypaint can be applied to most existing finishes although it works best on lime plaster or exposed single skin brick/stone walls.

Claypaint Sounds Perfect but What’s the Catch?

While Claypaint may seem like the perfect option it’s worth pointing out that all these benefits come at a cost, natural paints are not manufactured on an industrial scale like their modern-day alternatives so there is less economy of scale. Hence, compared to regular matt emulsion, it’s expensive.

Clay paints may also not be suitable in some situations where a hard wearing, washable finish finish is required. But, these points aside, it really is a great product.

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