Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint

Dulux Weathershield is the most well-known and best selling brands of exterior masonry paint, and deservedly so. Painting the exterior walls of your home is a job you don’t want to be doing any more often than is necessary and this is why it’s important not to skimp on cost and to buy the best paint you can afford at the time.

Is Dulux Weathershield the Best Masonry Paint?

All situations are different and it would be wrong to claim that Weathershield is the best choice in all cases. Other well-known brands such as Sandtex and Johnstone’s are also worthy contenders. And, mineral-based paints such as Keim will perform much better on previously unpainted walls but they are expensive and require professional application.

As an exterior paint you can use for just about any occasion though, Weathershield is hard to beat and is well regarded within the trade.

Weathershield smooth masonry paint
Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint
Formulated for professional use with high opacity and colour retention, has an active ingredient to inhibit mould and algae growth.
Weathershield Textured Masonry Paint
Dulux Trade Weathershield Textured Masonry Paint
An acrylic-based paint with a fine textured finish which is ideal for disguising surface irregularitires on exterior walls that are in less than perfect condition.
Another advantage of textured masonry paint is its high-build property which means each coat dries thicker than a smooth masonry paint.
Maximum exposure masonry paint
Dulux Trade Weathershield
Maximum Exposure Smooth Masonry Paint
Formulated for use in harsh environments, such as exposed coastal locations, with added flexibility and the ability to bridge fine hairline cracks
Dulux Weathershield is available from most paint retailers, including:
Dulux lets's colour
Dulux Decorator Centre
dco - decorating centre online

What’s the difference between Regular Weathershield & Trade Weathershield?

The main difference you’ll notice is cost, the regular consumer version is around 15% less. This is because Trade paints are formulated for professional use and have a higher solids content which enables them to be thinned to suit different applications.

Overall, you’re paying a bit more for better quality materials with the result being improved coverage, superior colour retention and a longer lasting finish.

Regular Weathershield is formulated so it can be used straight from the can in a wide a range of scenarios as possible. Inevitably, there is some compromise in quality but this isn’t to say it isn’t a decent product, it is.

When using large quantities of paint, such as you will when painting exterior masonry, it can work out cheaper to use a trade version, when you consider the added coverage and more durable finish.

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